Antigraffiti Window Film

If you are suffering from vandalism problems in your business, you should know that the BC Chamber of Commerce opened a call that aims to help business owners with financial support of up to $2000 dollars, for the restoration or prevention of acts of vandalism.

If you want to know the steps to follow and the requirements you need to be able to apply for the benefit that the chamber of commerce is offering, follow this link.

We can help you solve the problem of graffiti, with the installation of Antigraffiti window film that is a special film that can resist spray paint, scratches, and chemicals. It has adhesives that make it easy to take off and put back on.

Our track record and knowledge make us your strategic ally to find the solution that best suits your needs and to be able to help you protect what you have achieved with so much effort.

This film It also has additional benefits that will help protect your business from future acts of vandalism.

commercial Antigraffiti window film installed by brentwood auto detailing

Other benefits of antigraffiti window film

brentwood auto detailing restaurant anttigrafiti window film installation

UV Protection and Security

Protect your business furniture by blocking over 99% of UV rays while moderating the sun’s harsh heat and glare so your customers can enjoy any room, any time of day all year round.

By choosing an anti-graffiti film you will also be adding a layer of privacy and security and adding modern curb appeal.


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