Safety and Security Window Film

Security Window film helps protect what’s most valuable from break-ins, vandalism, accidents, storms, seismic tremors, and blasts. It is constructed with a heavy-duty polyester film that bonds to glass with strong adhesives.

This film provides low-profile protection for windows, glass doors, bathroom mirrors, elevator finishes, and other vulnerable hard surfaces in commercial properties.

Window Protection Film Benefits

The protection against robbery.

The safety and security film makes glass harder to break, so intruders will probably move on instead of trying to get in.


When struck with sufficient force to break, glass fragments tend to adhere to the film itself instead of dispersing.

Minimized Damage
This reduces accidental damage in high-traffic public areas that see daily wear and tear.

Clear Safety and Security Film

This film, which is virtually invisible, is designed to provide protection and is physically strong, enabling glass to withstand a variety of threats.

For display windows, doors and more Helps prevent break-ins, and burglary

Sun blocking and Security Film

A window film that protects glass from the sun and adds safety and security features. It can make existing glass look better by adding different types of protection.

The tinted protection provides protection against burglaries and break-ins. Additionally, it regulates heat, glare, and UV rays.

Anti-Graffiti Film

This is a special film that can resist spray paint, scratches, and chemicals. It has adhesives that make it easy to take off and put back on. 

Virtually invisible vandalism protection Also, good for high-traffic wear and tear Use on glass and other hard surfaces