Graphene Coating

Revivify Graphene Coating is a nano coating that can be applied to paint, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, etc that provides an extra hard, invisible layer of protection. and like traditional ceramic coating, it provides an ultra-glossy shine and a hyperbolic effect.

However, it is 3x more resistant against UV rays, corrosion, oxidation damage and heat-activated self-healing properties. There is no limit to the times the coating can restore itself back to the original appearance and protective characteristics!


Specially formulated to provide a true single thick layer and to eliminate application errors. Ensuring 100% consistency with each application.

Breakthrough in nanotechnology with SI0x allowing extreme adhesion on surfaces such as paint, PPF, steel, chrome, vinyl and glass.

Achieving 100% adhesion to the surface with 100% resistance against UV with an exceptional chemical resistance. SGS tested.

Formulated with detailers in mind. REVIVIfy offers an extremely user-friendly application without the headaches of chasing high-spots.

Under 30 degrees celsius, the hydrophobic & self-healing functions will be active in one hour and 24 hours for those properties to be fully cured.

Activated with heat, hot air, or hot water. There are no limits to how many times the coating can restore itself from minor scratches and swirl marks.