LLumar Film in a Home

We offer a variety of film products that can be installed quickly by professionals and deliver lifestyle benefits without costing a fortune.

You may want to consider a smart residential window film solution for issues such as hot spots in a room, the cost of cooling, or even the afternoon glare on your TV. 


LLumar® offers homeowners two types of reflective film, made with powerful technology designed to tame the sun: reflective and dual-reflective. You can rely on both film types to:

  • Create privacy 
  • Take care of uncomfortable hot spots in sunny areas of your home, and
  • Block more than 99% of the UV rays that can fade your furnishings,

Both films also have a modern, mirror-like look when viewed from the street outside.

What is dual-reflective window film? It’s a sun-taming product applied to the inside of the glass in your home. LLumar® dual-reflective film blocks more than 99% of the UV rays that contribute to fading of finishes and furnishings, makes TV viewing in bright rooms more comfortable, and helps to keep heat out so you feel cooler, and your air conditioner runs less. It’s an especially good solution for large windows, because it provides solar control without compromising expansive views.

LLumar® neutral window film for homes adds only a whisper of tint to preserve the current look of your windows and the beautiful, natural quality of sunlight. While not easy to see, this film still packs a powerful punch when it comes to shielding your home’s interior. It blocks more than 99% of fade-causing UV rays to help extend the life of your finishes, furnishings, flooring, and artwork.

LLumar® specialty window film is a virtually invisible solar control product for your home windows. It’s made with nano-ceramic technology for excellent heat rejection with optically clear views. Specialty window film adds performance improvement for residential glass without a hint of darkening tint. Your neighbors will never know it’s there.


LLumar® Vista™ Ceramic window film is a smart home improvement that stealthily improves indoor comfort. With the same low reflectivity as glass, it has a neutral look and maintains the natural glow of light coming through. This film also tames heat so you can reclaim even the sunniest spots, helps protect furnishings from 99% of fade-causing UV rays, and fights glare so it’s easy to see any electronic screen, anywhere. One of the other perks of Vista Ceramic window film is that it helps with energy savings, but costs considerably less than window replacement.

Vista™ Harmony intelligently marries sophisticated sun control features with the ability to maintain clear, wide-open views. Harmony also enhances indoor comfort in multiple ways:

  • Makes hot spots virtually disappear
  • Soothes eyes with glare reduction, and
  • Blocks more than 99% of the damaging UV rays that fade hardwood floors, home furnishings and artwork.

You’ll be happy living with Harmony for a long time. It helps keep your home looking and feeling great, and comes in an attractive range of subtle, optically clear tones.

LLumar® spectrally selective film comes in a range of shades from nearly clear to a subtle hint of neutral gray. Make your choice and expect multiple solar control benefits:

  • Ability to block more than 99% of skin- and interior-damaging UV rays
  • Eye-comforting glare reduction, and
  • Powerful heat control to help give your air conditioner a break. 

Safety and Security Window Film

If you’re concerned about vandalism, break-ins or extreme weather, safety and security film will help you sleep better at night. We offer clear film made to reinforce glass windows and doors, as well as products that combine solar and security benefits.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative film adds privacy from prying eyes and more interest to decor. It’s a solution for bathroom windows and shower enclosures, and an inexpensive way to add a designer touch to any room.