Window tinting refers to a process in which a transparent layer of film is applied to the vehicle’s windows. The primary purpose of this process is to protect your interior from harmful UV rays as well as to provide privacy and security inside your vehicle.  Additionally, it adds to the aesthetics of the car, making it look cooler or ´sick´ on the road.

Window Tint Film in black range rover installed by Brentwood auto spa



LLumar® automotive window tint does a lot more than just give glass a sleek, custom look. The benefits are truly impressive. We use a variety of technologies to fight the sun’s undesirable side effects: AC that can’t keep up, scorching hot surfaces, eye-irritating glare, and harmful UV ray exposure.


ATC Dyed Window Tint

It’s a durable, scratch-resistant dyed window tint that can meet your personal style and preference. LLumar ATC dyed window tint is made with a premium dye that enhances privacy as well as appearance. It does this by blocking more than 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

ATC’s true charcoal hue is integrated for optimal durability and color stability, as it is for all our dyed tints.

ATC Comes in 7 Different Shades
llumar ATC Comes in 7 Different Shades
Window Tint Film llumar
Window Tint Film LLUMAR

IRX Heat-Rejecting Window Tint

Window tint transforms your vehicle inside and out. It features advanced nano-ceramic construction that specifically targets infrared rays. This is what gives LLumar IRX tint its name and its cooling power. Is also loaded with additional premium features:

Easy electronic connectivity

Protection against more than 99% of UV rays

Discreet privacy

Glare reduction

AIR Clear Window Film

Like the look of your vehicle as-is but want to upgrade the performance of your factory auto glass? LLumar® AIR clear window film is the solution. It has the same, proven nano-ceramic construction used in premium auto tint, minus the window-darkening color.

AIR window film is almost impossible to see. But when it comes to comfort and safety, it has a major impact on the way you feel. With LLumar AIR clear window film you get:

  • Impressive heat-rejecting power
  • Helps protect against injuries from shattered glass
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation because it shields against more than 99% of damaging UV rays

Because of these benefits, and its optical clarity, LLumar AIR can be installed to boost the performance of most auto glass, including factory-installed privacy glass. If you have this type of glass on your vehicle, you’re getting some added privacy and style, but no heat-taming features. AIR can correct that, without changing the look you like.

With LLumar AIR, you’ve discovered a way to make your car a safer, more welcoming place.